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FAR Mudhens
Hellenic F-15E and JASDF F-15EJ


Well, from start to finish it took 111 days or 3 months and 19 days or 2664 hours.Some of the decals silvered but at foot and half to two feet, you can't notice it.And I bitched up the gold tinting on the JASDF bird. I tried for two days and gave up, so it's just clear now.

Here's a list of thing I did to my two girls as well as link to the in-progress threads.

Both kits are Revell 1/48 F-15E

Hellenic F-15E
In-progress thread

Avionix Ace II seats
Resin LAU-129 launcher
AIM-120 from academy
AGM-148 Kitbashed from Hasagawa Aircraft weapon set B and D
GBU-12 from Hasagawa Aircraft weapon set D
Resin copy of AN/AXQ-14
Custom decals on nose and tail as well as roundel on nose
Bare metal foil on the refueling door
canopy tinted
paints Lifecolor and Testors Model Master Acrcylic
Panel lines washed

in progress thread

Custom GE's F-110-GE-129 nozzle, Academy's F-15E afterburner can, the upper ring of Revell's can and top it off with my resin nozzle.
ASM-4 the master part is kitbash from a Harpoon with the head of a Bullpup and the sides are just stock styrene. The master part was molded and casted a resin copy.
GPS dome clear lense cover from an AGM-65 from revell A-10 kit
The LAU-128 launch rails are resin copies of Academy's F-15K.
chaff/flare boxes on wing hard points are copies of True Details USAF Pylons for F-4 Phantom II
AN/AAQ-48 targeting pod The body is a AGM-62 Walleye from Hasagawa weapon set B. The side vent is from a AN/AAQ-13 LANTIRN pod(Hasagawa weapon set D). The targeting head is a resin copy of the targeting pod from Revell Rafale M
AAM-4 AAM-3 from Hasegawa JASDF Weapons Set A
Bare metal foil on the refueling door
Custom decal on tail
paint Tamiya color acrylic and Testors Model Master Acrcylic
Panel lines washed

Photo info:
Camera used Canon 7D on a tripod
lenses used Canon EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM and Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 USM Macro Lens


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