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What is Far Profiles? Simply put, it's aviation profiles with imagination. I love the question of "What if..." That's pretty much how I come up with my ideas for new profiles. My first one was the USN Su-27 seen on the Far Profiles banner. The question I asked myself was, What if the USN replace it's Tomcats with Russian Su-27's? What would they look like? I have no interest in doing any "Real" profiles, just not fun or creative. Like Far Models, none of the my profiles are "Real" but made to look "Real" or at least look believable. All the profiles start life as a blank side view drawing. Once in Photoshop, I either clean up the drawing or sometimes I redraw the whole thing. From there, I start to give the plain and flat line drawing some life and dimension by adding shadows and highlights. Next come markings that will be common to all the types and profiles. Once that is complete, the fun begin. Time for paint! For me it's the funnest and quickest part of making profiles. After coming up with 5 to 6 different paint schemes, the number of layers start to add up. The TA-7 series has over 650 layers.If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email at Far148@gmail.com 

That's enough talking, Here's Far Profiles! Enjoy!

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Here's a Photoshop tutorial using my steps and techiquics on how to make simple profiles.
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