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IAF A-10I "Chazir"
A Far Conversion

Well, it only took 567 days (from Sept 22, 2007 to Apr 11, 2009), but my "Chazir" is done. The most enjoyable build I have had in a long time.


Here's a list of everything that was done to my  IAF A-10I "Chazir"

-Kit is Monograms 1/48 scale A-10 kit no# 5521
-True details ACE ejection seat added
-PE reinforcement stripes added to fuselage and wings
-Strip styrene added to wing as reinforcement stripes
-Pitot tube is brass rod
-Targeting pod added to main wheel fairing (made from F-4 drop tank)
-Brake parachute housing added to tail (styrene)
-L shape reinforcement bracket added to tail (styrene)
-GPS dome added to top of fuselage (inside of a wheel)
-reinforcement strip added to tail (strip styrene)
-Two antenna added to base of base of tails (styrene)
-30mm cut off and replaced with styrene tube
-open up vent in between the engine nacelles
-PE detail added to Cluster bombs
-daisy cutter fuse are aluminum rod with PE fuse
-Graphic tape added to ECM pod
-Python 4's kit bash bodies with styrene rear fins
-Dual Python 4 launch rail body made from two MiG-29 launch rails
-Python 4 launch rail are resin copies of LAU-129
-strip styrene and PE detail added to hard point 1 and 13
-Chaff/flare box under brake parachute housing is strip styrene
-all the low level lighting strip is very thin strip styrene
-The LAU-117 single rail launcher is scratch built. Each launcher has 9 parts( body, upper anti-sway plate,
 lower guide rail, 4 stiffer plate, rear box and a small piece of brass rod)
-Added 3 ft to each wing in 1/48 scale as well as one new hard point, total hard point is 13
-Closed the kit ailrons
-added IR jammer (styrene tube w/flat back crystal) an ECM bump to the top of the brake parachute housing
-Resribed about 90% of the kit. Save some raised detail on rear fuselage and tails
-U shaped antenna on the bottom is a piece is brass rod
-Two radar altimeters on the horizontal stabilizers are two resin domes. As well as added a circular antenna
made from styrene rod.
-Added four more chaff/flare boxes under the wingtip. (Styrene and super glue & baby powder)
-Two new TF35-GE-100 Turbofan engines. The front fans and rear of the nozzle is the kit part but the middle is scratch built
-hard points no# 4 and 10 are resin
-antenna behind the GPS dome is a kitbash part with a strip styrene fin
-Custom Decals, pilots name, kill markings, boarding laddle door art, Python 4 markings, targeting pod shark mouth,
 LAU-117 marking, flying pig on engines, chaff/flare boxes for hard point no 1 and 13 and box under brake parachute housing and some IAF marking for the ECM pod
-Weathering done with water color wash, color pencil and pastels

Here's a link to the complete work in progress thread on Aircraft Resource Center http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=131657&hl=far148"



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