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Royal Australian Air Force RF-104
Far Conversion

So one day, I was borrowing throught the older posts in the Aircraft, Armor and Ships by Topics board over on the What-if modeler forum. Started looking at the F-104 tread and came across this beauty by Greg AKA GTX.

As soon as I saw it, the gears started spinning. Ok, Hasgewa makes a 104 but how to make the recon nose? I thought maybe use the nose from a RF-5 but I did not want to but a new kit(a pretty nice one at that) just to use the nose. I toyed with different ideas for about a week and almost got he AFV RF-5 kit. Playing about in photoshop on night and it came to me...use the kits nose and just cut the damn thing. Here's a line drawing of what I want my RF-104 to look like.

The build was the easy part. The hard part will be the paint job.... Based on Richard Chafer awesome profile.

She only took 346 days(49 weeks or 8304 hours) The build was pretty much straightforward other then removing the 20mm cannon and vents.

Here's a list of things done to her
-Kit used Hasagawa's F-104C
-resin seat is from CMK
-removed and filled 20mm cannon and vents
-Recon nose is the kits nose cone just reshaped
-tips of drop tanks are nails
-pitot tube from hobby decal
-reshaped the lower fin
-paint job based on Richard AKA Gekko_1 awesome profile
-paints used Model Masters Enamel FS34097 Field green, US Army/Marines sand and Testor flat black
-Future gloss coat for panel line wash
-panel lines wash in thinned Medea com art transparent black airbrush paint then sealed with
-decals are from Red Roo Models
-intake covers from quick boost

Here's the work in progress thread http://www.whatifmodelers.com/index.php/topic,34382.0.html

Enough talking, here's my RAAF RF-104.

İSteven Lewis/Far148studio