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Royal Canadian Air Force F-4 Phantom FGR.4
A Far Conversion

The first time I saw Richard Chafer's Phantoms profiles I knew I wanted to build one. My F-4 will not look exactly like Richard's profile but the Paint scheme will be based on his profile.She only took 357 Days from start to finish (51 Weeks and 22 Days or 8568 hours)

Profile by Richard Chafer


Here's the list list of things I did to her. (can't I say that?)

-kit used Hasegawa 1/48 F-4G
-paint scheme inspired by Richard's Phantoms profiles
-ejection seats are resin
-rear seaters instrument panel gauges are styrene rod with solder for wires
-AGM-84L SLAM-shorty are resin and started life as a SLAM-ER from academy's F-15K
-The beast of a missile on the centerline station is scratchbuild with the seeker head from academy's SLAM-ER
-sniper pod for Hasegawa weapon set
-AN/ALQ-184 ECM pod from Shull 24 resin
-AIM-120 from kinetic  F-16I
-AIM-9X's from Hasagawa
-The centerline hardpoint is a shorten center pylon from Revell F-15E
-inboard and outer weapon station from True Detail Pylon set
-the two antenna on upper fusalage are resin copies from kinetic F-16I
-LAU-128 missile rails resin copies from kinetic F-15K
-Spey nozzles are from Aires
-new tail fairing scratchbuilt from stock styrene
-pitot tubes on tail are brass tubing
-cut and droop ailerons
-new IFF antenna ("bird slicer")nose strip styrene
-2000 liter tanks from Revell's Rafale kit
-F-4 detail added to drop tank is strips styrene
-sway brace are from true detail and resin copies
-pitot tube in nose from Hobby Decals
-low light stripes are strip styrene
-preshaded all the panel line with Euro I Gray(FS36081), then used Dark Tan (FS30219) and Dark Ghost Gray(FS36320) for the main camo pattern(all Model Master enamels)
-all weapon station are mounted to the fusaluge with aluminun tubing
-AGM-84L SLAM-shorty's missile rail are from Revell Rafale kit
-stripes on the AGM-84L SLAM-shorty and the beast on centerline were painted on
-pitot tubes on missiles are steel pins
-gloss coat with Future
-low light formation lights are painted
-panel lines wash in thinned Medea com art transparent black airbrush paint
-Kill markings, Canadian roundel, Canada on the fuselage and Canadian flag and aircraft no# on tail are homemade decals
-canopies tinted with Medea com art transparent black airbrush paint and future.

Here's a link to the complete work in progress thread on What-If Modeler http://www.whatifmodelers.com/index.php/topic,34276.0.html

Enough talking, here's my Royal Canadian Air Force F-4 Phantom FGR.4!

İSteven Lewis/Far148studio