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USMC Hawker Hunter
A Far Conversion

Well it only took 535 days from the start to finish (1 year, 5 months and 17 days or 12,840 hours). This was another enjoyable build. I will put together a list later of all the things I did to her. Enough talking, What-if 2nd Lieutenant Frank E. Peterson Jr flew with VMFT-20 during the Korean War and What-if VMFT-20 flew Hawker Hunters?

Here a list of all the things I done to her.( Man, that doesn't ever sound right?)

Academy 1/48 scale Hawker Hunter F6
Ejection seat is from True Detail resin
Cut and folded the wings
Added strip styrene to wing fold at Dog tooth
Wing fold support and brass rectangular rod
Drop tank are resin copies of the kit
The new hardpoint for drop tank is a Hasagawa AN/AAG-14 rack cut to the wings profile.
Drill holes in flaps to look more like dive flaps of the SBD Dauntless
Rocket rails from monograms maverick rails
Tail hook is alumin tube flatten and filed to shape
Brass rod use to connect main gear to gear door
Brass rod use to connect nose gear to gear door
Anti-sway braces on weapon station no# 2 and 3 are from Monograms 1/48 A-10
250lbs bombs are from monograms F9F Panther(I think?)
5in rockets was given to me from a fellow online modeler
Graffiti on the bombs done with a sharp white Prismacolor color pencil
Drop tank glued into place with a mixture of white glue and Testor Model Master acryl dark sea blue to hide the seem.
Strip on pitot tube painted with red and white Testor paint
Panel line wash with transparent black Medea Com-art colour paint
Windscreen and canpoy dripped in future
Pilot, Moto-tug and tow bar from Tamiya's WWII USN Pilots w/Moto Tug set
Tow bar alter with half round styrene rod.
Tow bar pin is brass rod
Chain on back of moto-tug is fashion chain from a arts & craft store

Paint job Overall Dark sea blue with white stripes and green accents
Testor Model Master Dark sea blue
Testor Model Master Flat white
Testor flat emamel green
some panels darken with Testor Model Master acryl dark sea blue mixed with transparent black Medea Com-art colour paint and Future.
Future Floor Wax for the final gloss coat

Decal from Eagle Strike production(F9F-5 Panther 48115),Super Scale( USN 60 deg letters and numbers white), Icarus Decals Hellenic Daggers(marking on rockets) and roundel from Aero Master's USAF Korean war Sabres

Here's a link to the complete work in progress thread on What-If Modeler http://www.whatifmodelers.com/index.php/topic,29145.0.html

She won Best Jet in the belated 2012 of the Whiffies Awards

İSteven Lewis/Far148studio